Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2007

Evelyn wrote...

Thank you so much, It has been a great and wonderful time to stay with you. I’m proud and really honoured that I had the chance to spend such a great 14 days with you all. Everyone is back home and I hope you’ve had a save trip especially the Palestinias as your journey is the one with the most obstacles. You’ve been a such a wonderful group, I can’t describe it in words but I try.
Interested, dedicated, sensitive, cordial, lovely, and so on. I’m looking back in a bit melancholy – it’s raining today – and I’m a bit sad. I’m sitting here thinking about you and I look at my t-shirt and read the words you’ve written. Thanks for the Sweathart, Big Love, Big Mama und the Queen of the Camp and the nice lines I’ve got from you all. Thanks for the great team-work and punctuality – did you realize we have added 15 more minutes .... hihihi?
Samer my Big Love you have forgotten to write something on my shirt? Thanks for your lines on the letter. You are a great person!
Sahar, you worte on my shirt „At Malkar“ and on my paper „Ha Malkar“. And you always told me to say „Any malkar“ – do you want to confuse me???
Yoni, till now I don’t know what has made you laugh so heartily – did I understand it right – it was only the sound how I shouted „Hansi“? I can’t help laughing heartily when looking back at the water sequence.
Sharon, you really are a great fotographer and I’ll never forget you too.
Koren, thanks for „you are so cool and so kind”. You are also a cool guy.
, thanks for your message on the blog, you are wonderful.
Naama, you are my singing Sweetheart, you wrote “I’ll never forget you, I wish you the best”. Same to you.
Reem, Safa, Lina, Mais
, you wrote“ I´ll stay in touch with you, you have a nice smile, the best and only the best to our Queen”. I see you the same way.
, thanks for “the best Leader in this camp, stay lovely. helpfull”. I think you’ll do something great and will play an important role in the Dialogue.
Anas, Tareq, thanks for the compliment „my mother in Austria“.
I’m happy that I look like your mother too.
Kinga, Sophie, Eszter, Adri, Alex, Vicky, Peter and Misi
you are all sweet and lovely. Christina, Martin and Dan, we are not too far away from each other. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
Thousend thanks to the team, to Hansi, our master for the blog and video-workshop and for taking care for the austrian youths, to Veronika, our Dancing Queen, to Ines, the handcrafts master and Campnewsletter columnist, to Roland, the man for organizational stuff. Insider – where is Roland, the opera-singing, vietnamese werewolf... hihihi Thanks to the extended team Eszter, I’ll never forget your mischievous laugh and your wit. But please bear in mind not to bring too many girls to a camp... this brings hard work. Ariella , you are such a cordial and clever woman. John, it’s been a pleasure for me to have you as a balanced, always smilinges person in the camp. By the way, because of you I wasn’t the eldest in the camp ...hihihihi Mazen, thanks for your kooperative team-work. Wisam, I wish you new insights and perceptions on what concerns freedom of women. Manfred and Klaus, you’ve asked the participants after your outdoor activities what their highlights were. Your co-operation was super and for me the highlights of both days were you. Manfred, you’ve triggered a „game addiction“ with your werewolf-game, which thrilled all youths of the participating countries. Tom, thanks for your free-spirited manner. The juggling-workshop was real fun. Lisa and Leyla, the theater-workshop contributed figuratively to new perceptions of the participants. Michael, thanks for your historical backgrounds. For some paricipants a lot was new and discussions could become alive. Olivier and Silke, thanks for being so spontaneous when taking care of our various issues.
A camp can only be so successful when many great people are on site, who unterstand the youths and respond to them. I think we did it – alltogether!
I’ll never forget you. I love you all. It was a great pleasure to be the camp-leader of the international youth camp 2007 „Zukunft durch Begegnung“ „- „Dialogue 4 the Future“ in Rechnitz.
Es war mir eine große Ehre und Freude Camp-Leiterin des Internationalen Jugendcamp 2007 „Zukunft durch Begegnung“ - „Dialog 4 the Future“ in Rechnitz zu sein.

Evelyn Nöbauer


Leon hat gesagt…

It's a pleasure to see how during this 14 days of camp a group was established to which all kids belong. In this group we see that there is communication going on and there are relations.
This worked out, even so many of this kids personally suffer from violence.

This shows us we all have something in common - we belong to a bigger group: humans
We have to communicate to sort things out - and there are a lot of urgent things to be sorted out for us humans - conflicts, climate warming, lack of resources, to name but a view. This camp shows us how this can be done - we need more activities like this!

My thanks to all who have made this camp possible and to the kids for joining and taking something for the future out of it. My special thanks to Evelyn Nöbauer, for both the impressive conceptual work and the dedication to realize it. A truly masterpiece of mediative attitude!

Leon Pogrzebacz

Unknown hat gesagt…

Hello everyone,

I would like to allow my heart to say a huge thank you to our mama Evelyn which i miss so much, Evelyn I have never seen a big heart as caring as yours, I'm sorry, I didn't notice that you had a T-shirt for signatures, But I love you and miss u so much....I think our camp was a great step for the feature.. Evelyn your comments about everyone are perfect and they match with everyone...You are so wise. I promise you I will do many things for a better future, not in Palestine or Israel only, but for the whole world, we were all given a lot and therefore we can pay back in limitless way...Thank u everyone again for making this camp such a great wonderful world...